Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Book Backlog Dilema

I realised the other day that I haven't done a simple post in ages. I mean, I've published a few reviews but no proper posts, where I tend to ramble on about things in the life of a fangirl that spark my interest. Or things that I simply want to share with the internet. And then, today, an idea suddenly hit me like a Bludger to the head...

Recently, I've found that on top of my colossal list of books that I've had recommended to me or have spotted in Waterstones, it seems that all of a sudden all of my favourite authors are releasing more books! This, of course is amazing! But sometimes I feel I really do struggle to keep up.
I mean, all this would be fine, if it wasn't for the massive backlog of review books I have been sent. Now, please understand that I am not in any way being ungrateful for all the wonderful books authors send me so generously, but being a fairly busy schoolgirl, and being a person who struggles to say 'no' (especially when it comes to books) I now find myself in a position where I am reading 2 books at a time, yet still have 10 reviews to do.

I am a strong believer that reading should be for pleasure and so I will allow myself a to read books that I have bought for myself. At the moment, I am reading 'Blood of Olympus' by Rick Riordan (for all you Percy Jackson fans - OH MY GODS!!) and I am also reading 'Demon Stones', which is a review book kindly sent to me that I am really enjoying.
You can't force yourself to read. If reading becomes a chore instead of a treat then all the fun and purpose is drained. Reading for the sake of reading simply isn't the point. The joy of jumping into a different world and the satisfaction you can get from that is one of the reasons I love to read.  I found myself only reading to wade through all my reviews and get them done so no impatient authors should email me with their complaints. Then I realised: they don't mind!
Surely, it would be better to take my time to enjoy their book than to treat it like a chore? Is that not the point?
Although I am slightly more calm and content after discovering that there is no need to rush, I am still feeling the full force of the backlog dilema!

I find I am stuck in this vicious cycle of craving, buying, reading and debt. I also find that I have so many books on my shelf that I haven't read! Why do I want more? The answer is simple: (apart from the slight book addiction of course) Media.
I know what you're all thinking: Media? What has this got to do with anything said so far? In fact...what has really been said so far because I'm about 5000% sure I've just got myself caught up with an impulsive book-reading addict. (Congratulations if you've made it so far by the way!) But I promise you Media is the answer. Without other pages on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, without amazon reviews or even blogs like this one, I wouldn't have even half the amount of access I currently do to what books everyone is raving about and what books I should definitely read.
Of course, without media, you could still find me outside Waterstones with my face squished in a mask of wonder against the window, but I probably wouldn't have discovered half the books I have through the internet. Of course, in a way this is fantastic as I have found so many books I love through media...yet it means that I have so much to read and too little time. If I could read constantly, this wouldn't be a problem! But school and life tends to get in the way a bit so the pile just keeps rising slowly but surely. The problem really is that I love having all these books available to me but at the same time, it's almost becoming stressful. It's a love-hate relationship!

At the moment I am willing myself to read my books that are of top priority at the moment. This includes: review books (obviously) and releases that I have been anticipating. So far, I am cutting back on my list to the books I really really want to read and I'm taking my time! I know the pile will never truly be conquered...but I can at least try to tame it!

Is anyone else feeling this struggle or am I going insane?!

Happy reading,
Hebe x

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