Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Book Review | The find

Title: The Find

Author: Gregg Bell

Genre: Thriller/crime

Pages: 305

Series: Stand alone

Publisher: Thriveco

Rating: 4 stars

What can a mother do when she has no money and a dangerously sick kid?

She can make a mistake.

In a moment of desperation, cleaning lady Phoebe Jackson tries to pawn the diamond-bejeweled Rolex she found in a mobster’s locker. Turns out the watch is a fake, but the mobster isn’t—and he’s on to her.

I was really excited to be given the chance to review this book as I have read one of Gregg Bell's other books (Jamie's Gamble) and I really enjoyed it. The synopsis also really drew me in, it's short yet gripping and I was highly anticipating this read.

The first thing I loved about the book was how clever the plot was. At the start the plot seemed to be pretty simple, it wasn't until you were nearing the end where I realised quite how complex and difficult the situations had turned out for the characters and this unexpected depth was really intriguing.

The second thing I liked was that it wasn't predictable *Hallelujah chorus* ! I find with so many books with crime/thriller genres that they are so predictable and with this style of book, this can totally ruin it! I was delighted to find that this certainly wasn't the case here and Gregg Bell really managed to keep twisting bits of the plot here and the to throw you off course just enough to keep you guessing.

I also adored the characters, especially the main character, Phoebe  As a female protagonist she was brave, down to earth, loyal and she always wants what's best for her girls. Other characters were cleverly done also and I loved how contrasting some were (I'm trying my hardest not to spoil you so i'm sorry for being vague!)

If I had to criticise the only thing I could say was that I thought at some points it was slightly repetitive in that when something happened, often rather than moving on and making the book even more action packed and fast-paced it seemed to me, that at points it was backtracking a bit.

That being said, I thought the book was magnificent and I definitely recommend it to anyone!

Happy reading,
Hebe x

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