Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Starting my blog...

Hi My name is Hebe!

Is that really how you start a blog?? I literally have no idea but after about 5 'drafts' I have decided that this is how you start a blog post. Well not this...this bit is my awkward teenage girl ramble of an explanation that is really unnecessary but I feel is the essence of this blog.

Moving swiftly on...

If you are still reading by this point, (congratulations! If you feel the need, you may arise and applaud yourself in this true show of endurance) you may have already asked yourself..'Hebe??'...and so I suppose I'd better explain. Hebe...if you aren't aware of Greek Mythology is a minor Goddess and represents youth. My parents (the witty people that they are) decided that because my last name is Young... my first name should also technically mean young. Hilarious.
Right, weird name explained and out of the way I shall move on to why I am wasting your time with this blog!

This blog is supposedly about, primarily, books. Another thing I should tell you about myself is that I am a complete bookaholic and indeed a huge fangirl. I love any type of book, from children's books to dystopian, historical fantasy and contemporary... I love them all. in fact as I write this I have two books to my left, a Mortal Instruments poster above my head and a Hogwarts t-shirt on me. I am proud to say I have an obssesion with books and have done all of my life.
For any readers who are groaning at this aspect and itching to escape this blog at the mention of books, have no fear! I hope to include other things like general advice into this blog.

Before I round off this post I think I'd like to mention what really drove me to start writing a blog. I think for me, I have always used books as an escape from reality...as many people say, books are like falling into a different world. I have been trying for years to keep a diary but I have eventually almost given up as I always forget to put the most important things in! (I write almost as I am a strong believer in that one must never give up!) And I think writing a blog might be another way of finding that 'escape' and doing something worthwhile with my life. I have always wanted to be an author or an actress and simultaneously save the world (you know...as you do!). I hate those lessons where you have to say what you want to be when you're older as you are always expected to say an architect or a lawyer or something. I always say I want to be a teacher or a journalist, which I suppose I wouldn't mind as careers. I've never told anyone where my real passions lie and here I am admitting it to a bunch of strangers. And This...this is my way of being an author...maybe not in the way I expected but I'm being an author...that in itself excites me! I know I'll probably never ever be a movie star or look like Emma Watson or Lily Collins or anything so the actress thing has gone down the drain (I'm not even that good at acting!)  but at least I gave this a shot and hopefully I won't regret a thing.

I hope you made it through to the end of this safe and sound and not too bored and hopefully you'll find something in my blog which you can relate to, or maybe (*mentally crosses fingers as it is hard to cross fingers and type*) even enjoy it :)
Thanks for reading.


  1. Excellent first post, Hebe! Your future as an author is bright!

    1. Thanks so much! I look forward to reading and reviewing your book!