Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Book Review | Hunting Lila

Title: Hunting Lila

Author: Sarah Alderson

Genre: YA/ fantasy sci-fi 

Pages: 315

Series: Hunting Lila series

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Rating: 5 stars

"Lila has two secrets she is willing to take to the grave. The first is that she can move things just by looking at them. The second is that she's been in love with her brother's best friend, Alex, since forever."
"After a mugging exposes her unique ability, Lila decides to run to the only people she can trust - her brother and Alex.
They live in Southern California where they work for a secret organisation called the unit, and Lila discovers that the two of them are hunting down the men who murdered her mother five years before. And that they've found them. in a world where nothing and no one is quite as they seem, Lila quickly realises she is not alone - there are others with special powers out there - and her mother's killer is one of them..."

I know the phrase 'don't judge a book by its cover' , but in this case who couldn't? The blurb of this book and indeed the cover just made me want to dive straight in! 
I gave this book a 5 star rating simply because I couldn't put it down and read it cover to cover over the course of a day. I was hooked right from the beginning and that for me is what makes the book the triumph it is.
 I think Sarah Alderson made some awesome characters who all have something which the reader can relate to, making the story engaging and gripping. 
The actual story plot in itself is awesome and I haven't come across a book quite like this one! I have read it at least 5 times by now and each time I feel my heart racing and I finish the book feeling totally satisfied. 
  I actually really enjoyed the romance aspect of the book. The balance was perfect: not too much to lose sight of the plot but plenty to keep me interested. 
I hadn't heard anything about this book or indeed Sarah Alderson when a friend gave it to me so I wasn't expecting great things, however I was pleasantly surprised to discover a book which deserves lots of praise and hype. 
The style of writing was a perfect balance between conversational and detailed. I think this made the story even better as the protagonist (Lila) is just a teenage girl and so the writing style couldn't be too deep and descriptive and had an essence of chattiness to it. 
All in all this book is definitely up there in my list of favourites and I highly recommend it to fans or romance, Young adult literature, fantasy and science fiction. 

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