Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Series I need to finish

Series I need to finish!

Whilst sorting out my overflowing bookshelves today, I stumbled upon some series of books which I just hadn't completed. This is unusual for me as I generally like to see thing through until the end but there were some series which I'd just abandoned and some which I hadn't even bought the sequel. So, here they are!

Beautiful Dead - by Eden Maguire

This is the 4th and final book of the Beautiful Dead series called 'Phoenix'. I read the first three really quickly and I did sort of enjoy them. They weren't my favourite books of all time but I liked the ideas and characters that Eden Maguire is writing about in these books. I think the main reason as to why I stopped reading this one halfway through was because I wasn't in the mood for a sad ending and I presumed that's what this book would be. I of course, have no idea whether the ending is actually sad or not but I guess there's only one way to find out! (there are actually multiple ways to find out but let's not go into too much detail!)

Little Women - by Louisa May Alcott

This is a copy of Little women that I found for £1 in a second hand bookstore when visiting the beach with my cousins. It is a beautiful early 1900's copy of the book and has inscriptions on the inside from the previous owners, which I find, makes this book even more special. I read little women very fast and enjoyed it immensely! The language and characters were beautiful and upon doing some research I discovered that yes, there are sequels to this well-known classic! I believe it is in fact a trilogy. I don't actually own the other books, which is why I haven't read them. the reason I'm holding back is I want copies to match my beautiful copy of Little Women! So until I've had a good delve into some second hand bookshops I won't have my own copy...however I can always borrow the books from the Library.

Sequins, Secrets and Silver Linings - by Sophia Bennet

I believe this is the (very pink) US cover and I think this book is also known as 'Threads' . I borrowed this book from a friend and she said I could keep it and I read it a good few years ago but reread it recently. It was a funny, light hearted read and I really enjoyed it. Again, not the best read ever but I would be quite interested to read the rest of the trilogy. it's not on the top of my list of books to buy or read but I'm curious as to how the rest of the story plays out.

Malory Towers - by Enid Blyton

 Yes, it's true and I'm ashamed to say that Malory towers in yet to be completed by me. I love Malory Towers and have read them dozens of times, but I have never read the final one by Enid Blyton! I definitely am keen to finish this series as it means a lot to me!

The One Dollar Horse - by Lauren St. John

 I loved this book and indeed the second book, however I have not yet got my hands on the 3rd but I certainly will at some point! I always thought 'horsey' books were seriously overdone and childish, so when I was given this I wasn't that keen to read it. However, I thoroughly enjoyed both the plot and characters, although predictable in some places I thought it was a fun, exciting read. I also loved the element of romance in the book and thought it didn't domineer the story but was a strand with threaded into the plot really nicely. I really need to read the next book (I think it is also the last book) as I can't wait!!!

Mr Gum - by Andy Stanton

Call me a child but I love Mr Gum. Andy Stanton's writing is so funny I was in stitches and I even know adults who have enjoyed the Mr Gum books as their guilty pleasure. I got the first two as a birthday present and I think I read one later in the series but I really want to read them all as after heavy books where I'm emotionally drained and my finger nails have been reduced to stumps Mr Gum is a quick light-hearted read.

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