Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Hello All!

It's been a while since I've posted, especially reviews but I am in the middle of a sumptuous book and will be delivering a review to you very shortly!!!
From the title of this post many of you may be thinking: "Oh no...please no more of Hebe!" And praying to some deity that you don't have to subscribe to yet another 'booktube' channel and consequently spend your weekends eating ice cream and staying up until ridiculous hours watching unboxing videos (they are truly that addicting).


The channel I am promoting in this post is not a book channel per say. But it is worth a watch. For those of you who are Dan and Phil lovers or enjoy watching funny, slightly awkward and pleasantly British teenage boys please go and watch Bufferbrothers videos. I'm slightly biased as it is my brother  and his friend's channel, however, being a sister it is my job not to encourage and support my brother's channel but to spitefully degrade it, so by my advertising must be pretty darn good!
If you enjoy their videos please like, comment and subscribe as they honestly love doing it and all the support they can get is appreciated so much!
I'm honestly really proud to be associated with some really good videos in some small way and hopefully if any of you made it through my ramble, you'll have the sense to click the link below and check out some of their videos!!!

Blatantly obvious link to Bufferbrother's channel

So no, as of yet I will not be starting a YouTube some point I would like to but until then, why not fill your time with this first class entertainment!!!

Happy Reading/Watching

Hebe x

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