Sunday, 10 January 2016

I'm on Facebook!

"What?!?!" I hear you exclaim in shock and yes tis' true! I have taken to the king of social networks to provide a page for this very blog so you can keep up to date with me more easily! (poor you!) If for some obscure reason you decide you want to hear more from me, you've found some dark corner of the internet and are in too deep to stop or if you're an author who is interested in further promoting a book I have reviewed in the past or you're looking for me to review please feel free to check it out by clicking the link below! (I will make this link business so blazingly obvious that those of you as untechnical as I can even find it, fear not!) 

Now, those of you who are of the more observant nature may have realised that on my homepage I am sporting the Facebook icon, however those of you who were proactive enough to click it will realise it doesn't really work. Sincerest apologies... it is my doing and I am trying my best to fix it, however for now, this link is your best bet I'm afraid! 
So announcement over...hope you all find the time to check me out! (Well my new Facebook page not me...anyone else's mind then) 

Happy reading,
Hebe x

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