Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Book Review | Falling To Pieces

Title: Falling to pieces

Author: L.T Kelly

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 220

Series: There is a sequel called falling into you 
Publisher: Create space

Rating: 2.5 stars

When Teagan Lewis moves from rural Montana to the bright lights of London with her maker Thomas, she expects to live as harmoniously as she has for the last one hundred-fifty years.
Teagan didn’t know she had a heart or soul until she met Marc Romano. 
However, it quickly becomes clear that Marc is forbidden fruit. All the signs that he isn’t human were there from the beginning, but she chose to ignore them…to her peril.
Can she simply walk away from this mesmerizing stranger? Or should she risk her immortality to be with the man she has fallen in love with?

The first thing I would like to say about this book is how beautifully written it was. Although there wasn't much imagery the style and detail of the writing in the book is what really stood out and made the cook for me. I think that the emotions and appearances of the characters were excellently described and this, for me, was the best aspect of the book.
looking at the rating I have given this book you may assume that it is awful, this is not the case. 2.5 stars means that I found the book ok, not that it is terrible and a waste of your time. For many people, I think this book would be a complete gem. However, I found that I have become slightly tired of the endless vampire books out there. Sometimes, one does find a vampire book or series that stands out from the others and I enjoy them immensely. But, having read many mediocre vampire books, many terrible vampire books and many excellent vampire books, I found that this one fit into the mediocre section. Now, don't get me wrong, I didn't dislike the book at all. The characters were really nicely developed throughout and the writing was awesomely powerful, I just think that the book didn't stand out particularly, for me.
The story line and plot were really good, especially towards the end. I also found that the references to vampire culture was also really interesting, like the ideas of a vampire's bond to their maker.
One aspect that I feel has to be brought up is the audience that this book is attracting. The whole vampire thing, seems to be a young adult thing. However, the content of this book is adult orientated. By this, I mean that yes, there are multiple sex scenes. This didn't put me off as such, but I think it confused me as to whether this book is intended for Young adults such as myself, or adults.
I don't think there is much else that I can really say about the book, so to sum it up I would say that to many it would be a solid 4 star book. But for me it was only ok. There were not really any literary 'hooks' that drew me in and made me want to keep reading, yet I didn't find that I struggled with it too much.
So , if you are looking for some vampire, werewolf books and you are preferably older than 15 then I think you might enjoy these books.
I am definately going to read the sequel as,I am curious as to what happens next!

Happy reading,
Hebe x

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