Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Perks Of Being A Fangirl

It never occurred to me that I would ever EVER class myself as a 'fangirl'. In fact I didn't really have any clue what one was until I was introduced to Instagram.
One day as I was scrolling through Harry Potter pictures at some ungodly hour when I stumbled across people who shared my love of books and (gasp) were my age too. I thought maybe it was a one off but it soon dawned on me that, yes, there are socially awkward, average looking, slightly nerdy teenage girls who are just as obsessed with books and indeed the awesome characters they contained as I am.
I interacted with a few of them, commenting of youtube videos from 'Booktube', sharing comment banter on Instagram with fellow lovers of all things book and soon I found that not only did a place where my laughter, tears and relationship with books actually exists but that I was welcomed into it with open arms!?
Before you judge me you must know that although I do class myself as a fangirl and I do internally melt into a small puddle of emotional ooze when I read a great book or see anything whatsoever related to my favourite characters or series. This does not make me one of those screaming, tearing their hair out, eating their shoes girls on the telly. (I have never actually seen someone eat a shoe in reality or via the telly but I'm sure some girls have felt the need to nibble on a tasty looking fear, I won't judge).
Now, lets get down to the point of this post because I must admit I tend to go off on a tangent (oops).
So what are the perks of being a fangirl? I hear you cry. Well my dear readers there are many and so I shall introduce you to the perks which make fangirl life bearable.

1) No need for excuses.
I don't know if this only applies for me but since assuming the fangirl status, when wearing fandom related clothing or explaining little (or sometimes rather large) dying whale noises that we fangirls tend to emit when something particularly hard hitting strikes (e.g. WHSmith has a sale on Divergent posters) one only has to explain to any questions "Oh, i'm a fangirl." And people generally make understanding nods and mutters. If I had said "Oh i'm really really into books and all things fandom related." they would either give me what I like to call the 'back away slowly before it bites' look or the simple 'is her disease contagious?' look. I mean of course there are the exceptions (some people totally get the dying whale noises thing) but in general for me, assuming a fangirl status is something which people accept more graciously.

2) Good conversation
Now this might sound ridiculous but this is a major perk of being a fangirl. Not only does reading so much mean that we have memorised quotes for every occasion known to man (apart from situations where one must appropriately be socially awkward) but adults and indeed some teens love talking about books if they're into them. I once had a 5 hour conversation with my friend over books and it was never dull. Fangirling to someone can not only pass time and be a source of good conversation but it can also provide humour to a situation.

3) You are a bookstore/Library's dream
Ok, ok sometimes we fangirls are disliked by libraries and bookshops by our renowned whale noises that usually take place within their walls, but generally I find that with my frequent visits to both, the people there respect how our minds appreciate the books. Also, if you are like me, you will understand how irritating it is when someone borrows a book and either doesn't return it or it comes back with damage. Because of how this gets to me, I always treat other people's books with extreme care and tenderness. I think the shops and libraries appreciate this act of loving from us fangirls. (and also the  customers we provide).

4) Family
prepare yourselves readers to be plunged head first into a vat of gorgonzola in this next perk. (not literally...I am talking about the cheesiness of this next part I am afraid.)
The fangirl community is much like a family or a close-knit sisterhood. We all have something in common (fangirling and books), we all look out for one another, and we all have a common enemy (The purposeful spoilers). Not only does this always give me someone to talk to, but it also gives me something to look forward to returning to at the end of each day.

5) Gifts
Gifts are also a huge perk in being a fangirl. If anyone gives me a book or any merchandise that is fandom related then I am happy as Larry. So for everyone out there, you never have to deliberate what to get your fangirl friend for her birthday, you're sorted.

So there we are...a little insight the life of a fangirl. I hope you enjoyed this post and managed to battle your way through until the end . (You may arise and applaud your true gallantry if you feel the urge)

Happy reading
Hebe x

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