Sunday, 29 June 2014

How To: Survive A Book Buying Ban

I don't know if many of you are aware of book buying bans and the threat they impose upon the sanity of most book lovers but I will tell you now, I have been on one since early this year and the struggle is real.
For those of you who have no idea what a book buying ban is I shall attempt to enlighten you:
A book buying ban is usually when a person spends all (or most) of their money on books and in consequence is forced to refrain from buying any books. In some cases, people go on a massive book hauls and so have no room on their shelves or have far too much to read so they go on a book buying ban until their looming pile of books to be read has been conquered.
The reason as to why I am on a book buying ban is that I spent some of my money on about 5 different people's birthday presents and then spent the remainder of my money on books (around £50...oops)
I did spend my money wisely...? (Well, that's what I tell myself when I realise just how broke I am).
The problem with buying books rather than cosmetics or clothing is that you can trick yourself into thinking that a book is a far better thing to buy then a new top or a new Maybeline mascara. In many ways it is but then again, sometimes it is better to be properly clothed than have another book on top of that looming 'to be read' pile.
There comes a point in your book buying ban when you have read all of the books on your shelves and need more books. By this point, most people have earned more money and so can break free from the tight bindings of the ban and attack their nearest Waterstones, WHSmith or general bookshop with a vengeance. But if you are like me and you have no way of earning money, the ban must continue and it becomes depressing. So, to help all of you suffering in your ban, or if you are just here at this point for no reason. (if you are in the latter category I sincerely applaud you for your loyal efforts!) I shall write out some advice that is essential when being in a book buying ban.

Tip 1: avoid bookshops
This item of advice is pretty self explanatory... if you don't go near the shops, you can't be tempted by any glossy hardbacks or sumptuous reads! This is easier said than done granted, but if you have no money to spend you can't buy a book anyway (you may be dragged out of the shop kicking and screaming, however.)

Tip 2: Get a library membership
Again, a pretty self explanatory tip, but although it is much nicer to own the book, in the meantime most libraries should have what you're looking for! And also, if you love the book, you can always get it after your ban is over. If you hate the book, you've wasted no money on it! It's a win-win situation!

Tip 3: Find a way of earning money
For most people, a book buying ban is quite short and relatively painless, but for those of you like me who don't have any way of getting income, try asking for money when you do chores or getting a summer job. Also, search everywhere for change. I have a jar on my shelf where I collect small change and when that jar gets full I count the money and spend it on books. My parents are always happy to give me their small change from their shopping.

Tip 4: Sell some stuff
if you sell some clothes or even books online or to friends, it gives you some money which you can then save and use on books.

Tip 5: Sharing is caring
Share books with friends! If one of your friends really likes one of your books and you really like one of hers swap for a while! or just ask to borrow a book!

Tip 6: Beg any non-readers
This tip will probably be valued for those people who are at a low in their ban, but sometimes it works! If you know of any friends or a sibling who has some book tokens they are unlikely to use, ask for them. My brother usually gives his to me! (he doesn't read this blog so I can say without him getting cocky that he is actually a very nice brother and cares about saving me from my deprivation, so unless you have one of them or an equal substitute, this tip mightn't be best!)

Tip 7: Discount sites
there are loads of really good discount sites online! AbeBooks is one that I use and appreciate!

So there you are, my tips on how to basically avoid becoming penniless over books! I do hope you enjoyed this post, if you did or if you can relate please feel free to follow me, google plus it or comment below. You can even email me if you feel like a chat or fangirling!

Happy reading

Hebe x

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