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Guest Post | Author Wendy Hobbs

Claudia Quash book #1: 
The spell of Pencliff

Claudia Quash receives a letter from her dead Great -Grandfather, Jasper, on her thirteenth birthday asking her to clear his wife's name of a terrible crime. Following the arrival of this letter, weird events start to occur around Claudia and she discovers a time machine made by Jasper. Using his device, she travels to the past, where her village was full of magic, and sorcerers had free reign over the townsfolk. There she meets new friends and faces the devilish adversary, who framed her great-grandmother.

About Wendy:
Wendy has given up her career as a property lawyer to follow her dream of being a writer. Her debut novel, Claudia Quash: The spell of Pencliff, is the first in a series that follows thirteen-year-old Claudia on a magical adventure through time. Claudia wakes up on her birthday to find a letter from beyond the grave, and a mystery to solve to save a family member from the hangman's noose. She uncovers a secret that means she might not make it back home.
Wendy draws inspiration from her own daughter (also called Claudia), and enjoys storytelling, theatre, dance, and modelling. She lives in Cardiff with her husband, daughter and cat called Toffee.  @WendyFHobbs

Reader reviews:
" My daughter enjoyed the book so much and the character Claudia Quash I decided to read the book. What a great story. I loved the characters and when you finished each chapter you just could not book the book down. It's a magical story and really original."

"I loved this book from start to finish. It was a mesmerizing, magical adventure. The storyline was original and unpredictable, and I couldn't put it down. A great read, I'd recommend this book to anyone who loves mystical fiction."

Where to buy online:

UK   (paperback & kindle)

US     (paperback)    (kindle)
ebook/dp/B016IPPO8S               (kindle)

AUSTRALIA (paperback)
ebook/dp/B016IPPO8S  (kindle)

Onion Custard publishing Ltd publish a range of Children's books, poetry, business, and general adult fiction

Additional Information

Readers aged 7+
Fantasy lovers

RRP (paperback):

173 pages

This is the first Author Guest Post I've done and overall I've really enjoyed putting it together. I want to thank Wendy Hobbs for the opportunity and also to express my excitement over this book! It looks amazing! Even though at the moment I'm lacking to time needed to review it, I'll be sure to definitely give it a read as it sounds right up my street!

Happy reading,

Hebe x

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