Sunday, 29 March 2015

Book Review | Season 7

Title: Season 7

Author: D.F Nightshade

Genre: Sci-fi

Pages: 232

Series: stand alone

Publisher: Lulu

Rating: 2 stars

Richard has been a security system salesman for about a year now. He’s good at what he does and loves his job, but doesn’t feel valued at the workplace. He’s passed up for promotions he feels he should get and is constantly second-guessed. His anger starts to affect his job performance. Stressed out Richard goes to a bar to try to calm his nerves. On his way home from the bar he is waved down by Nautilus who is nothing but trouble. 

Nautilus is a seemingly normal guy who just so happens to be an alien. Nautilus believes that Richard is the “special one.” The one destined to rule his planet, but everything’s not as it seems and Richard has to find that out the hard way.
Or does he?

I know, to some readers of this review your immediate thought might be 'oh only 2 stars? Maybe I shouldn't bother.' Trust me, for some, this book would really hit the spot and there were some really great things about it! So keep reading for an insight into my rating.

I thought the plot to the book was pretty good. There were some unexpected twists which keeps the reader slightly on edge. There were a few brilliantly placed hooks - chapters often ended mysteriously and I found myself wanting to find out more. I read the book in a matter of hours and although it is fairly short, I do think this signals that I was gripped.

I don't really feel opinionated, character wise. I quite liked the main character Richard, and I thought some other characters were quite nicely developed. I quite liked the twist in some of the characters personalities and how you felt you couldn't trust anyone as everything was not how it seemed as this left it unpredictable.

I liked the idea of the story: the alien world was unique and I thought that the foundations of the story were sound and it was easy to follow.

What really let it down for me was the grammar. For me grammar is really important but in this book the mistakes between 'there', 'their' and 'they're' was so frequent that it made the writing seem immature and haphazardly put together. Likewise with the use of 'was' instead of 'were' throughout the book. This was disappointing to see and to be honest, made the reading experience not as enjoyable as it might have been.

Overall, Science-fiction isn't a genre I enjoy greatly but I think if it is your thing maybe you should give Season 7 a go!

Happy reading,

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